Motorcycle ramps

Motorcycle Ramps

Easily load your bike onto your vehicle with our lightweight, folding aluminium motorcycle ramps.

Our motorcycle ramps are available in lengths up to 2750mm long, perfect for heights up to 1010mm. Simply rest your ramps onto the vehicle and start loading. The ramps are all arched for improved ground clearance. 

Our Top Seller

Our Motorcycle Loading Ramp (2200mm x 230mm) is our top selling ramp. At only £48.00 + VAT = £57.60 it is easy to see why! 

The ramps each have a 340kg capacity and can be used as a single ramp to load a motorbike, or use the ramps as a pair to load ride on lawnmowers and quad bikes. They are provided with a tie-down strap. 

The foot of the ramp is cut at an angle to ensure it rests securely on the ground during loading. 

At only 7.5kg per ramp, the ramps are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. 

Easily load Harley Davidson’s!

Our Black Widow Motorcycle Ramps are perfect for loading bikes, including Harley Davidson’s up heights of up to 1010mm. 

The ramps can be purchased as a single ramp, pair or kit meaning you can even walk up with the bike! 

The ramps are provided with straps to allow you to secure them to the vehicle. They are folded and the foot of the ramp is cut for the load height to ensure it sits securely on the ground during loading. 

Loading Ramps With A Mesh Surface

Easily load motorbikes and machinery up heights of up to 666mm with our Mesh Surface ramps. The mesh surface provides additional grip and allows dirt to easily drop through the ramps. At only 8.5kg per ramp, they are lightweight and of course folding. The ramps are 285mm wide and 2260mm long. 

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